New Digital Video Distribution Service: Boogie Reaches Further, Faster.

New Digital Video Distribution Service: Boogie Reaches Further, Faster.

Boogie Studio is proud to announce that we’re now offering a digital video distribution service. Our recent certification through digital-distribution giant DG IT implies that we’ve become part of an exclusive collection of certified providers of the world’s largest online advertising distribution network. More importantly, it means that our clients’ creative product will reach the [...]

New Music/Mix version for the Beneton | Unhate 90 sec TV spot

New Music/Mix version for the Beneton | Unhate 90 sec TV spot

We were recently contacted by Joe Masi, Executive producer at IdentityID, an international production company based in New York. The mandate was requested to redo the sound design and music and to replace the audio track of the original version of the 90 seconds TV spot. The director, Laurent Chanez‘s brief was the following: ”We [...]

Winners of CFC WorldWide Short film Festival Toronto.

This weekend was the CFC worldwide short film in Toronto presented by Telus. 275 films were shown during the festival which was presented on 31 May 2011 to June 5, 2011, nine awards and $ 90,000 in cash and prizes were presented to Canadian and international filmmakers. One of only four Canadian festivals accredited by [...]

Top 10 showcase of best advertising we worked on.

Here is a top 10 showcase of best publicities we worked on. The majority of these projects are on post-production and sound, the speciality of Boogiestudio before the opening of a Vfx division in September 2010. Top 10 is based on youtube number of views. 10. This advertising can be found on spike tv website. [...]

Interview with Benoit Martel and Sebastien Dostie From Boogie Studio.

Since the opening in September 2010 of the Vfx division, Boogie Studio was able to caught the attention of international media, with the quality of his products and by the way they manage to use Smoke on mac from Autodesk. “Instead of using AVID for editing we decide to go with Smoke On Mac, that [...]

Boogie Studio’s Smashing Success with Water Safety PSA

Boogie Studio’s Smashing Success with Water Safety PSA New Société de Sauvetage Spot a Hit with Audiences Montreal: Feb. 18, 2011… Boogie Studio’s work on a recent public service announcement for the Société de Sauvetage water safety organization is on a road-trip through Quebec where it is enjoying an enthusiastic reception from audiences around the [...]

Job qualifications needed to work in the VFX Industry

Ever wonder what it takes to work in the VFX industry? Check out the link below for a list of qualifications: http://jobs.hirby.com/what-are-the-qualifications-needed-to-get-good-job-in-the-visual-effects-industry/

The top 10 worst special effects-in-movies.

As everyone gets ready for the Oscars and anticipates seeing who will win in the best VFX category, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the top 10 worst special effects in movies, that were compiled by popmag.com. This is a great compilation of the worst special effects. It’s [...]

Oscar nominated Inception helps to develop a trend in the VFX industry

The VFX Oscar Nominations are out and most people are thinking that Christopher Nolan’s creative and visually stunning Inception is the front runner to take home the coveted prize. The use of VFX in Inception was incredibly impressive. In an article written on AWN’s website by Bill Desowitz, it’s interesting to read about all the [...]

The Oscar nominations have been announced, and the race for best VFX category is heating up

It has been half a year since the Oscars decided to expand the number of VFX Oscar nominees from three to five. The nominations have been announced and we are getting closer to the day that these awards are given out, and the anticipation is building in the industry. I just wanted to share my [...]