Boogie Studio Collective Opening for DJ Moby at Illumination Montreal, May 24th.

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This year at C2-MTL, The Boogie Studio Music Collective will be opening up for DJ Moby at the closing night party on May 24th. The Boogie Studio Music Collective is a network of highly accomplished musicians, respected music composers, and experienced industry professionals, that are dedicated to inspiring and growing their audience for the International C2MTL conference.

The collective made their debut at the Sid Lee Garage party and have been together for over two years now. It is made up of five key founding members from Boogie Studio Music and then the rest of the members change depending on the projects and shows that they are involved in. The five core members of the collective are:

· Jonathan Dauphinais, Musician, Bass/Keybass
· Nicolas Maranda, Musician, Guitar
· Martin Granger, Musician, DJ &Vocals
· Andres Norambuena, Musician, Guitar
· Patrick Lavoie, Musician, Cello

For this years C2-MTL event, the collective is excited to add local sensation, Ariane Moffat to the group. The exceptional career of this singer-songwriter is marked by a by a contagious, curious, and emotional musical sound. Over the past decade, she has gained a loyal following in Quebec and won over listeners in France with her evocative music that combines electro, pop, soul and rock.

In addition to Ariane, the rest of the collective for this year’s event will be made up of:

· Cadie Desmeules-Desbiens (Boogie Studio Online Smoke Compositor), VJ PushOneStop
· Marion Carassou-Maillan, “VJ Ma”
· Andie Duquette, Musician, Vocals
· Emmanuelle Caplette, Musician, Drums
· Julie Themens, Musician, Piano/Keys

This star-studded line up showcases, and really brings out the best local talent that Montreal has to offer. This is one event that you will not want to miss.

Don’t forget that they are the opening act for the famous DJ Moby, who will be taking the stage to headline this amazing night.

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