New Music/Mix version for the Beneton | Unhate 90 sec TV spot

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We were recently contacted by Joe Masi, Executive producer at IdentityID, an international production company based in New York. The mandate was requested to redo the sound design and music and to replace the audio track of the original version of the 90 seconds TV spot.

The director, Laurent Chanez‘s brief was the following:

”We feel that a mixture of sound design , speaches about love and hate, maybe a single instrument can really be something special and unique. Very strong and modern.” Laurent.

On Dec 12 2011, Benetton wanted to present this film and they hoped to show the client this is stronger than what they did.



Benetton – Director’s cut from Boogie Studio on Vimeo.

About Boogie Studio

Founded by Benoit Martel, Andres Norambuena and Denis-Éric Pedneault in 2006 as an audio production facility, Boogie Studio expanded in 2010 to offer state-of-the-art visual effects. Boogie Studio’s mission is to provide comprehensive postproduction services for clients in the advertising, interactive and film industries. Along with three fully equipped audio mixing studios and video transfer services, Boogie Studio offers a high-end 2D compositing, 3D production, online editing, color grading and finishing. Boogie Studios has served hundreds of clients including LG2, Sidlee, Ubisoft, Y&R, Rethink Vancouver, KBS+P, DDB Anderson Toronto, Cirque du Soleil, Télé-Québec, TVA Accès and Nurun. Boogie Studio is a privately-held company based in Montreal, Canada. For more information, please visit:

About IdentityID

In a world where sameness is on the rise, Identity wins by imprinting every project with refreshing individuality. Identity is gaining notoriety for its visually sophisticated reel, which showcases directors who are sought after all over the world. Owner/EP Joe Masi has made his mark on award-winning work for Nintendo, Honda, Budweiser, 7UP, Tommy Hilfiger, Infiniti, and Gucci, creating an environment where creativity is allowed to flourish. Headlining the visual-style genre, Identity’s directors cover the complete range of storytelling and effects. Identity thrives in an open forum loft located in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. At this collective, it’s not unusual to find directors collaborating on other’s projects. It’s all part of the company credo to have a great time doing remarkable work in a relaxed atmosphere.