Adidas Originals Poker Song

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Everyone on the internet was wondering what was the song in the Adidas Poker Game (don’t confuse yourself with the Adidas TV ad, that song was Beggin, here are all the versions). Akido 01 is my personal favorite :-)

For the Poker video, well it was an original song written by us, so don’t look anywhere, you won’t find it because it does not exist… yet.

Right now it’s only about 1 min long, so it’s not a full length song…

If enough of you guys ask, we might make a full version.

adidaslogo Here’s the song in its current state!

For all you Audio geeks out there, no, it’s not mixed or mastered like in the Poker video. Again, we will do a full mix and full song if the demand is there.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!